Why you should sleep on your back

The most comfortable and healthiest sleeping position is on your back. By sleeping this way, you will be able to get the most restful sleep possible. Since there are several reasons for this, they are listed below.

1. Best Position For The Head

Sleeping on your back will allow your head to rest gently on the pillow. This is excellent for getting a good night’s sleep and for breathing well.

2. Best Position For The Neck

When sleeping on your back, your neck will be the most comfortable. Provided your pillow is not elevated (see resource 1), it will not be rotated or strained into a position that can cause it to ache when waking.

3. Best Position For The Back

Provided your mattress provides enough support (tip: soft mattresses are a bad idea!), sleeping on your back will maintain a neutral curvature of the spine. Your back will not be strained when sleeping on it. This will prevent any kinks from forming in the spine and will keep your spinal joints healthy.

4. Best Position To Prevent Acid Reflux

Sleeping on your back will help prevent acid reflux or food from coming up out of the mouth. Since this is very important, many people prefer to sleep on their backs so they don’t have an episode during the night.

5. Best Position For Women To Maintain Their Breasts

Women will find that sleeping on their backs will give them perkier looking breasts. This sleeping position will prevent any unnecessary sagging and allow them to stay more youthful.

6. Best Position For Lessening Wrinkles

When sleeping on your back, there will be a less chance for wrinkles to develop and appear. It gives the skin more elasticity, which also helps prevent the wrinkles from forming.

Look over the reasons above so that you too will get the most restful sleep by resting on your back. Remember, a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining your health and keeping a good mindset.

Learning to sleep on your back

As important as it may be to maintain proper sleeping posture, it doesn’t come natural to everybody. The below video explains a few tips to help you teach yourself to consistently sleep on your back.

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